On this page you can find current information about what is going on here at Sherburne Refuge Bulldogs.

Updated 1/24/2022

English Bulldogs

We currently have 6 deposits for our English puppies. Puppies are chosen in the order that deposits are received. We do not know if breeding's will take or how many babies we are expecting from our mommies. Therefore, we are unable to give you the exact wait time you will have. Please check out our information page for more details on how our process works.

Planned breeding's:

Nala & Harvey - Spring 2023

Aly & Dutton - Spring 2023

Fiona & Otis - Summer 2023

Lena & Otis - Summer 2023

*Dates and sires may change.

French Bulldogs

We currently have 5 deposits for our Frenchy babies. 

Planned breeding's: 

Winnie & Cosmo - Due February 2023

Lilo & Hank (Frank's Frenchies) - Spring 2023