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Always Ohana Kaya Blanca Pupcake

Pupcake is a big Mommies girl. She was produced here so we have watched her grow up since the day she was born resulting in a connection like no other. Pupcake is sweet and affectionate. While also being stubborn and sassy! She likes things her way and will look at you with her puppy dog eyes and quiet wine until she gets her way.

Playing with our Pompug Dakota, as well as taking long frequent naps is how she pr​efers to spend her days.

Pupcake is retired. However, her lines will always be in our program. 

Always Ohana Precious Teela Amari

Amari and the daughter of Pupcake and Dunkin. And the mother of Nala and Nora. Amari is a 3rd generation here at Sherburne Refuge. She is a happy, loving, mellow girl. Amari has more of an athletic build and amazing breathing. Amari is now retired and will be staying with us. 

Always Ohana Adorable Nala

Nala is a 4th generation!! She is the daughter of Amari and Chaos. Nala is a beautiful

girl who is full of pure happiness! She loves everyone and always doing something


Always Ohana Fancy Fiona. 

She is the daughter of Dunkin and Fern.

Our little butter ball who is full of

personality with a side of sass! She is a

spitting image if her Daddy.


Always Ohana Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the daughter of Kinglsey and Ellie. She's a sweet little lady who enjoys playing with all her friends. Cinnamon is chocolate sable.